Thursday, December 2, 2010

On the Beach in Hanauma Bay, Oahu

I had a dream last night on Dec 1st. My deceased X-Wife and I were sitting on the beach at Hanauma Bay in Hawaii. She was laughing at the pictures and videos I was showing her on the Laptop and said that she knew the Lady in the funny hat from a past life. "Oh really!" tell me about it I said..."She and I were best friends when we were Plain Indians of the Sisco tribe." Just then, Kay, who was laying on a towel to my left, replied "Now I remember where I know you from Rosie, isn't it funny how we keep running into each other in each reincarnation?" Just then I heard the phone ringing and I was snapped back into reality...I forgot the dream until later when I was lighting that first candle right behind Lulu! I find it hard to believe but now know that dream was Kay's way of telling me she and Rosie were Soul Sisters and not to worry myself about her transition...This thing we call reality is just a way station between dreams...I have been blessed by knowing and loving them both...


Deborah H Yemm said...


I do believe Hawaiian is in your soul. How beautiful to connect all these loves of yours together in that magical realm, whose vibration is purely love and harmony. How soothing to be comforted from the very Self of your self and that of these loved ones. How blessed I am to have some direct understanding of what this means.

Sending comforting waves love and light in your direction, for wherever it needs be.


FastDart said...

I tried to leave a comment a few days ago and it just went POOF???
.....I know how blessed I AM to be having lucid dreams again..