Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Circle

"How can I make this circle more round?"

Someone asked me this question once and it gave me pause. We were questioning the thought, "Things will never get better." We realized things will never get better because there is nothing but perfection, and perfection can't get any better.

We block the natural unfolding of beneficence by trying to improve things, since efforts to improve are founded on notions of scarcity and end up reinforcing notions of deficiency.
~Colleen Loehr


Colleen Loehr said...

Hi FastDart,

I'm happy to meet you, and I'm surprised and honored that you have posted a comment I'd made on The Daily Aphorism blogspot. I am enjoying looking around your excellent blog. I love the blogosphere! I also love your profile description: "Just your typical over achiever. Just got tired of fighting and decided to change my life to a more positive direction." That statement could perhaps sum up Western Civilization if it were personified as an individual- at least let's hope the second part will be true for more and more of us- i.e. getting tired of fighting and deciding to move in a more positive direction...

Colleen Loehr said...

P.S. Maybe it's just my laptop, but I clicked on the video of Black Elk telling the story of the circle several times and could not get it to play...? Will it play on your computer? Maybe I can find it on You Tube. Thanks..(computers not showing posted videos is just one more example of perfection in action, perfection that the mind is blind to). :)

Larry Miller said...

Well Collen it works fine on my computer.
Here's the link.
...You know you only have to click on the video to open it on YouTube.

Lulu said...

I loved the vid, worked fine here too, thanks Dart