Tuesday, December 1, 2009

You think the shadow is the substance ~ Rumi

Awkward Comparison

This physical world has no two things alike.
Every comparison is awkwardly rough.

You can put a lion next to a man,
but the placing is hazardous to both.

Say the body is like this lamp.
It has to have a wick and oil, sleep and food.
If it doesn't get those, it will die,
and it is always burning those up, trying to die.

But where is the sun in this comparison?
It rises, and the lamp's light
mixes with the day.

Oneness, which is the true reality,
cannot be understood with lamp and sun images,
and the blurring of a plural into a unity is wrong.

No image can describe
what of our fathers and mothers,
our grandfathers and grandmothers, remains.

Language does not touch
the one who lives in both of us.

A Year With Rumi by Coleman Barks


Pacificdreamgirl said...


Any comparison would be akward wouldn't it.

But still we try to speak the unspeakable.

Larry Miller said...

I just now heard that =)

FastDart said...

I was exploring these blog postings and find how the links flow into one another with exquisite timing. It was one year ago that I posted this blog and the synchronicity is not lost upon me...Timing this day is no mere coincidence with Rum's beautiful prose. I have been shown time after time that there is more to this existence we call living in the present, past and future...it is all about one. It was manifested by me when I sculptured this blog. Somehow I knew that in the great unknowing that is ever present...The Dream I had last yesterday morning reinforced the fact that we are so much more then this brief moment in time... It is comforting knowing that we never end and that there is life everlasting.