Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Fall Equinox 2009

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by DL Zeta

The Fall Equinox arrives this week to signal new beginnings. Big changes loom on the horizon along with new opportunities to align with Divine will. New manifestations and new clearings will go hand-in-hand during this time.

This week's Equinox comes on the heels of a powerful New Moon flanked by a Sun/ Moon/ Mercury/Saturn conjunction opposed by Uranus. These Virgo planets quincunx the ongoing Jupiter/Chiron/Neptune alignment in Aquarius, leaving little doubt as to the nature of the energies (and opportunities) present at this time.

Holding Strengths and Weaknesses in Our Expanded Vision

Uranus urges us to bring forth new insights from our higher self and integrate these into our daily existence. Add to this Saturn's influence, which requires us to clear all that stands in the way of this integration, and brings us face-to-face with all that has limited us in the past.

Mercury's retrograde until September 29 insures that we remain in a holding pattern for this clearing to take place. During this time, we’re asked to hold our new visions and insights side-by-side with any perceived limitations we still hold. As we observe these two in juxtaposition, we receive the clarity needed to chart our course in coming months.

Any visions and guidance we receive during this time will be designed to help us set forth on a new path more strongly aligned with our life purpose. This path will ask us to bring new strengths of determination and discipline to our spiritual practices.

Adopting New Disciplines that Promote Health and Vitality

This is the time to adopt new disciplines that strengthen the flow of life force into our physical system. It is our inner will and desire to transform Planet Earth that will determine our continued health and well-being.

In recent years, much has come to be understood about the mind-body connection and how our thoughts and feelings strengthen or weaken us. Muscle testing is an example of this concept. Through the window of muscle testing, we can readily see how our thoughts and words along with the messages we receive from our environment strengthen or weaken us.

There has been much talk about "vaccination plans" against certain pathogens and pandemics. The best "health insurance" plan is to fine-tune our awareness of our environment -- both inner and outer – and how we allow ourselves to be affected by it. This includes not only the messages that surround us but messages we receive from aspects within our own consciousness. These aspects can either strengthen and empower us or weaken and disempower us.

Now is the time to gain awareness of every aspect of our environment and our consciousness and determine what needs to be transformed.

Eating ‘Light’ Removes Barriers to Life Force Flow

In coming times, we will be asked to further strengthen our physical systems by "eating light." This involves eating a mostly living foods diet that includes calorie restriction and regular infusions of alkaline green juices. These “rocket fuel” foods raise our vibrational frequency, removing any barriers to life force flow.

Another facet of this "new time" is to practice yoga which brings physical, mental, emotional and spiritual flexibility. It is flexibility at all levels that allows us to "go with the flow". Flexibility allows us to access and make the most of new portals now opening. These portals lead to the super health and vitality that is the gateway to heightened or peak states, expanded awareness, and all the blessings that accelerated spiritual understandings offer.

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