Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Full Moon Gemini

The July 21st Full Moon and Solar Eclipse takes place in the last degree of Cancer, and also make aspects to Jupiter, Neptune and Chiron — and to Pluto. This will again represent a potent and very energized time as we move forward with our activities in service to the greater collective. At this time the Jupiter, Neptune and Chiron triple conjunction is even closer to exact, and since aspected by the eclipse energy of this powerful New Moon even more greatly emphasized. The symbolism of this configuration reflects on one hand a total and unquestioned reliance on Spirit, and on the other the fear of failing to meet our highest expectations for ourselves. A descent into doubt can manifest at this time, but there is the potential for major healing as well. This spiritual archetypal combination has provided a more optimistic backdrop to the difficulties represented by the Saturn and Pluto archetypes, also prominent in these summer skies. We must also keep in mind the pending Saturn — Pluto dynamic aspect, which last occurred in the fall of 2001. This challenging connection between these two powerhouse planets perfects just as Saturn enters Libra in late October, forming a square. Judging from the intensity of this combination our societal difficulties will magnify toward the end of the year, beginning in the fall. Equally, so too will magnify the potential for redemption if we can face them unflinchingly and head on. ~ Henry Seltzer

Gemini Horoscope (May 21 - June 20)
Mutable Air. Your ruling planet is Mercury.

You are going over a waterfall in the proverbial barrel, Gemini, but you will never hit bottom. This month is a time of great flux and a fair degree of stress but also one of great joy and beauty when you recognize the way things are going and pull your oars in that direction. Your finances and your values may well be in need of adjustment over the course of this month-long period. Surprises over the last ten days of the month require course corrections. Emotional insight comes slowly but the miracle is that it comes at all. The rewards are there for you when it does.

As the month begins, you are full of life, enjoying your interactions with others and taking a spiritual approach to life and love. You are transforming in the way that you view the material world, and in where you turn to find your most basic sense of self. The things in your life, even your personal possessions, do not matter to you nearly half as much as you might have previously supposed. This month represents an important segment of the arc of development that you are currently engaged in. You are taking in the events that have transpired lately and attempting to rearrange the puzzle pieces into some new kind of order. When your world changes and your perceptions along with it, you must go with the flow and allow fresh points of view to come in or else become mired in irrelevant artifacts of a prior time. These ruminations might come to a head at the time of the Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse, taking place on Tuesday, July 7th, in your sector of intimacy and personal evolution. This is a time when you are forming your own basis for security independent of the actions and the opinions of others, when you are feeling for the balance point between relationship and going it alone. You are very aware at this time of the impact on your life from others, and also the necessity for balance so that you do not lose yourself in the process. At the time of the Last Quarter Moon of Wednesday, July 15th, you are coming to some important conclusions. Your world view is changing these days in response to the conditions that you have encountered and the conclusions that you have drawn from them, and now this fact has become more than evident. There might be some bumps in the path of your progress as you make necessary adjustments. With the New Moon and Solar Eclipse of Tuesday evening, July 21st, you are getting into a new way of thinking about your world that takes all your past into account. At this time also you might be more prepared to take a novel stance on how you see things as compared to how your forbears did, to set off on a departure from traditional ways of thinking if that is what it takes to get yourself down the road.

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