Thursday, April 30, 2009

Going with the flow

going with the flow

I just pulled the Going with the flow card in Osho Zen Tarot.

Could I just as easily tossed a coin?

What I have:
Ace of Water (Go with the Flow)

An indistinct figure is floating in a large pool of water in which soft waves are rising and falling - the water is blue and empty and the figure appears to be naked and shallowly submerged in the water itself. The figure's posture is relaxed and reminds me of a loose version of the Hanged Man's posture - one leg tucked lightly behind the other, the left hand tucked behind the head while the other floats outward comfortably from the body.

I love this image - I have occasional dreams of being in this environment, where there is no weight pulling me down and soft rocking waves sooth and caress.

This is what I have - the ability to float freely in the sea of spiritual exploration with no need to pick a spot of solid ground. I can let it cradle me without clinging to it, go where it takes me without being driven toward or away from any specific path. And because this is an Ace, this method leaves me open to serendipitous opportunities to explore areas I haven't consciously considered before with an open heart.

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