Sunday, April 19, 2009

Campfire side

Campfire side, originally uploaded by Ri Bran y Hood.

Poems by Shawn Nevins

I look without the veil of words
and that look is vaster
than any thought of mine.

The desert is sparse and vast.
These words of ours are desert echoes.

What will be the call you hear?

A reflection, a glance, one unguarded moment
and all is known.

Look up and out
away from the world of man.
Such looking out is looking in.

The trees and your mind rest in the same clear, blue sky.

The body is leaving on its own,
swimming in a pool of silence
that swallows every protest.

Writing about this destination is ludicrous.

Dip your mind into the setting sun.
Leaving by such passing
is closer to the truth.

While all words fail to convey depth,
the wind carries a pervading message:
Lose your place in line,
turn to face your mystery,
and open your denying arms.

The dream doors have collapsed
and empty air speaks silent volumes.

Love is no answer.
It already holds all in its grasp.

Your answer is beyond these dealings,
beyond thoughts and feelings,
and in the realm of seeing
all that is leaving --
holding to no thing that does not last.

I am the space
between grasses
blown by the wind.

Everything moves through me.

You turn to the world that beats at your door
because this body is tuned to life's needs
and not your soul's.

Where is your true life
among this fog of being?

Where is rest,

Only by remembering the possibilities,
wonder stolen by imagined consequences,
shuddering questions raised by fanciful twilight moments, and dreams of perfection,
will you close your door to this world,
then, later, let it pass through your empty home.


Pacificdreamgirl said...

Beautiful. Thxs

FastDart said...

I thought it said something to me.
Did you hear it too?

Deborah said...

It is speaking volumes without end.