Saturday, August 16, 2008


Until innocence is restored.
cathartic exploration
polishes my heart.

Adversity is such a teacher. She has so many optional faces, sorrow and misery go right along with it. I lost my innocence at the very tender age of seven and have struggled to make sense of something that had no map to trace its coming and goings. I'm ok with all of that now and have moved on to face other issues in my exploration, so I understand that what has been broken can never really be restored to its original state.

Cathartic exploration evokes extreme change in my emotions, resulting in a cleansing, or polishing in my heart. I'm not sure all of this makes perfect sense to me or to anyone else reading this open post. Just by a shear act of will I believe we can transcend some of the more gross emotional baggage that we bring into a new relationship. Taking a good long honest look at these issues as they arise can manifest some very undesirable behaviors.

I don't wish to drag my past into my present, but apparently it isn't something you can just swish away like so much dust that has been building up on the furniture.

Any-who I still think the moon may have had a play in it so i'm sticking to that thesis until things become clearer.

Love from a loving heart,


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Janet said...

an act of will is always necessary to create any real change....the moon is an undeniable influence on our inner tides....I greet the innocent in you larry with the innocent in me